Do you know a glass of hot water with lemon in the morning helps activate thermogenesis, which makes our body begin to burn fat?
And are you aware Ginger root is another great fat burner, especially around the belly for a flatter stomach?

Trust you must have heard on several occasions that lemon and ginger, both together and separately can help maintain our figure. Of course, as you already know, there’s no such thing as a miracle diet. All diets require some effort on our part. That means, for example, that if we follow a lemon and ginger diet week after week but still keep eating fats, sugar and fast foods, then we won’t lose any weight. We have to find a balance, and these two products are ideal complements of one another that can be a big help when taken correctly.

Here’s how:

Losing weight with lemon
Many people especially women know lemons can help us lose weight and are also good for our overall health because they’re rich in vitamin C and antioxidants, and their acidity promotes good digestion and protects the liver. But there’s more. lemons have diuretic properties, which is detoxifying and therefore promotes the burning of fat. Some people follow a very strict diet for about five days, in which mainly fruits, vegetables, and lemon juice are consumed. As we said, it’s highly restrictive. But to achieve our goals, it’s not necessary to go to such extremes. Consuming lemon in diverse ways and following a balanced nutritional intake every day will help us get where we want to be.

Losing weight with ginger root
Ginger is an excellent medicinal root with a long tradition in the healing arts. It’s ideal for reducing inflammation, improving digestion, reducing cholesterol, general relaxation, and of course, burning fat. Some use it to specifically target belly fat and have a flatter abdomen. Ginger is easy to find and there are many different ways we can prepare it to reap the benefits.

Five ways to lose weight with lemon and ginger

1. Warm water with lemon in the morning
Drinking warm water with lemon in the morning can do a lot for your health. It is ideal for detoxing the body, burning fat, and obtaining vitamin C and antioxidants. Drinking this juice warm will increase body temperature slightly, activating the right kind of thermogenesis to start the fat burning process. This tonic also relieves inflammation, alleviates stomach pains, and reduces constipation – it’s very useful and healthy.

2. Lemon juice, cayenne pepper, and maple syrup cleanse
This is a cleansing diet that uses a slightly spicy drink to speed up our metabolism and burn fat. For best results you should follow the cleanse for about ten days. You’ll drink three glasses of this recipe per day: at breakfast, before lunch, and before dinner. First you need the juice of one lemon, bring it to a simmer, and add a pinch of cayenne powder and a tablespoon of maple syrup. Finally, add the mixture to three glasses of water and let it blend. This is what you’ll drink three times a day – it makes you feel good and is effective for weight loss.

3. Lemon, mint, and grapefruit tea
This tea is easy to make, and it’s highly effective. You can drink it twice a day. You just need the juice of half a lemon and a whole grapefruit. Mix the juices together with a cup of water and pour them in a tea kettle. Add two mint leaves and a bit of lemon rind, and heat to a boil. Reduce the temperature to let it steep.

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4. Ginger lemonade

Surely you know about this dietary classic that helps us burn fat, improve digestion, and prevent fluid retention and inflammation. One way to make it is to juice two lemons, and bring the juice to a simmer with some chopped ginger root. Once it comes to a boil, reduce the heat and add a quart of water and two pieces of lemon peel. If you store it in a water bottle, you can drink it before meals throughout the day. It’s very effective for weight loss, but remember that maintaining a healthy diet is also essential.

5. Green tea with ginger
This antioxidant-rich tea is great for drinking in the afternoon. And we already know how excellent green tea is for promoting weight loss. It’s been called the “tea of 1001 properties,” and is known to target fat and keep it from accumulating, but it also reduces cholesterol and improves digestion. Combined with ginger root, this is a great way to care for our health and improve our figure. Enjoy it.
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