She stood in his tiny bathroom, brushing her teeth before bed. They had not been dating for long, but things were going fine; they were enjoying each other’s company.
As she stood there wearing only his oversized t-shirt and a pair of black panties, she stared into the mirror at herself and smiled. They were about to get into his huge king-sized bed and cuddle up – this was her favourite time of day. She loved laying next to him, talking about their day, laughing, joking around, and wrestling playfully with each other.
It made her feel close to him.
It made her feel like he truly cared for her. It made her feel loved, they had not uttered the dangerous “L” word to each other just yet…it was definitely much too early for that.
She rinsed her mouth with water, spit, then swung around and opened the door to his bedroom. She expected to find him fiddling away on his new laptop, waiting for her. Instead, though, the room was already dark, yet not pitch black. Candles had been lit. He had his back to her as he held up a glass vase and shoved his fingers into it, striking the match stick, lighting yet another candle. A dozen or so were glowing around the room. It felt absolutely romantic…so, unlike him.
Kunle wasn’t usually the romantic sort…or at least she didn’t think so. Now she realized she could be wrong. She climbed into his bed quietly and waited for him to turn around.
After lighting a few more candles, he turned to his stereo system. After a few clicks, the sensual voice of Marvin Gaye soon began emanating from his surround sound. Finally, he walked over to the bed and crawled in. He obviously didn’t want to cuddle and talk at that moment like she had initially expected they would be doing…he immediately began stripping her panties off her. She smiled as she stared up into his eyes.
He smiled back at her warmly. She reached for his boxer, the only thing he had on, and began to push them down. He pulled her panties off her completely, and then followed by pulling his own underwear off and discarding them onto the floor.
He was quickly hovering over her again, yanking his t-shirt off of her and tossing it, too. They were now na ked, staring at each other as the room glowed and the music thumped and stimulated their eardrums and their bodies.
Her legs parted, allowing him access to her wet slit, of which he took full advantage. His thick, hard di ck slowly sank deep into the core of her soft pu ssy. They moaned in unison as they continued to stare deep into each other’s’ eyes. It was then that she truly felt “it”, yes “it”, but she didn’t want to conceive any thought about “it” because it was much too soon for that but she surely felt “it”.
She might not have uttered the words, but she showed Kunle what she was feeling for him at that moment. She leaned up and kissed him hard, passionately. His hands sna ked all over the soft curves of her body as he kissed her back deeply. It all felt so significant, so…very true. She didn’t expect any of that from him; he’s just not THAT guy. No one would label him a romantic, so all of this came as a surprise to her, although a pleasant one. Soon his hips were moving into her in time with the beat of the Gaye’s song…he didn’t think she noticed, but she had, that he was healing her s*xually.
As the song’s pace picked up, so did Kunle’s hips. Soon they were kissing madly and his thrusts became more intense. She was sure he was going to cum any second…but he didn’t. But, he pulled his di ck from within her and slammed his body down on the bed beside her, then uttered one simple, two-word command: “Ride me.”
She didn’t dare argue with him for once; she immediately followed orders. She sat up and straddled him, slowly impaling herself on his hot, hard di ck, now soaking wet with her juices. They moaned in unison again as his di ck made its way deeper inside her than ever before. His hands came up and met hers – their fingers fastened as she began to move her hips back and forth over him.
She stared into his eyes as she f*cked him to the rhythm of the music just as he had done to her. Her ample bre asts swung beneath her. He brought his mouth up and captured her ni pple between his lips, su cking on it as his di ck thrusted inside her.
She began to feel a set of very unfamiliar feelings. Something deep within her stirred like never before. She felt a wave rising inside her, a wave of pleasure that she knew was going to crash like nothing she had ever experienced.
She began rocking her hips faster, becoming out of time with the music, yet not caring. As her head rolled back and her lips parted, he pushed his hips up into her, f*cking her back as she f*cked him. His hands let go of hers and went straight to her bre asts, pinching her ni pples.
This amplified and hurried the wave that was beginning to crash within her…the wave of unrecognizable pleasure that she hadn’t known possible. She soon realized it was his di ck rubbing back and forth against her g-spot, something she had never experienced with any other man before him. She had never had an org asm without cli toral stimulation, so she didn’t know what these feelings were at first. But now that she realized what was happening, she f*cked him faster than ever, clenching her thighs onto his hips as tight as she could. He pinched her nipples harder.

She screamed in pleasure. It wasn’t as much of a gradual build-up as it usually was with cli toral org asms; it was a quick climb to one hell of an explosion. Her first G-spot org asm soared through her entire body. She shook and shivered and bucked her hips. Her entire body ached with pleasure until she collapsed on top of him. She couldn’t believe what had just occurred. Never in her wildest dreams did I expect it.
She laid atop him for several moments and just said “Oh God, I can’t believe that just happened.” She must’ve said it 12 times while still trying to catch her breath. She was literally in shock as the warm; candlelit darkness surrounded her hot, sweaty body.
Kunle wasn’t surprised. He laid there cool as a cucumber with his arm around her, smiling. Finally, she looked up at him and said, “I swear, it’s like your di ck was made for my p*ssy.”
He just laughed and replied, “I know.”
To her dismay, he began to sit up. She didn’t want him to go…She didn’t want it to be over. The music was still thumping in the background and the candles flickered away casting shadows about the entire room, she wanted to lay with him and feel the closeness she had felt to him all night.
Her dismay soon turned to relief, as he moved down her body. He brought his arms up around her hips and his face was just above her pu ssy, now greasy with her cum.
“Oh!” She exclaimed, spreading her legs wider. He simply smiled up at her with his eyes as his mouth made contact with her cl it. Her entire being was on fire as his tongue swirled around her hardening little button. She had never been so turned on in her entire life!
He captured it between his soft, juicy lips as his tongue danced all around it. He pulled his hand down from around her hip and began rubbing up and down her soaked p*ssy with two fingers. He shoved one finger inside her roughly as his tongue lapped furiously at her hard, throbbing womanhood. She panted. She moaned. She whimpered. Another org asm rose within her.
Different from the last, more familiar, yet almost as strong. She began to push her hips against his mouth, urging him on. Her entire body cried out for more. She wanted it all…she wanted all of him.
She reached down and grabbed his head, urging him harder against her pu ssy. She fu cked upwards against his tongue as he licked her like she had never been licked before. Another org asm peaked. She shouted and moaned as her climax washed over her. Her entire body went limp as her mind swam with post-coital pleasure. She laid there, shaking as he blew hot breath against her throbbing cl it, until the last wave left her body.
Finally, Kunle sat up, then back. She somehow got her body working again and managed to follow him. He pulled her close. They sat facing each other, legs entwined, arms around each other, rubbing each other’s’ backs. They didn’t say anything at all. They just listened to the sensual music thump away in the background and stared into each other’s eyes as the light danced off the black hues of their irises. She had never in her life felt so satisfied, so close to someone, so fulfilled.
She wanted it to last forever. Annabelle sat there and thought about all the men before Kunle, how none had ever come close to making her feel that way. She thought about how he was the last guy on earth she had expected this from. He made her feel like she was the only woman in the world at that moment. Whether he truly felt that way or not, she will never know. But she felt it and that is what mattered. And as she sat there thinking about how amazing this new man in her life made her feel, she became overwhelmed with emotions.
She buried her face in his neck and hoped within her that she could hide the tears that were forming in her eyes. She didn’t want him to see how emotional this was for her. She didn’t want him to see her vulnerability just yet. She didn’t like to show that to anyone, let alone someone she had not known too long. What if he didn’t feel the same and this was just a game to him? She couldn’t risk it.
But as they sat there, holding each other in the candlelight, he finally brought his hand up to her face, forcing her to look up at him. As she did, a single tear finally rolled down her cheek. He looked at her very seriously – causing more tears to flow. He brought both hands up to her face, using his thumbs to wipe away her tears. They just stared at each other for what seemed like an eternity.
Finally, he spoke. Oh, not only did he speak, but he said the three words that made everything about that night real and meaningful and perfect. “I love you.”
She, having felt “it” already, returned the affection. “I love you, too, Kunle.”
And with that, she sank closer into him, pulling him tight, knowing that this was just the start of something…powerful.
Credits: Hot Pulse
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