It’s no news that a notorious kidnapper named Chukwudumeje Onuamadike George, aka Evans, was arrested by the Nigerian Police Force. 
The police described Evans, a native of Nnewi who was arrested in his mansion in Magodo estate in Lagos,  as  the vicious leader of a highly organised kidnap-for-ransom syndicate and criminal gang terrorizing and responsible for several kidnap of notable/prominent Nigerians in Lagos State, including the Western, Eastern, South-South and some Northern States. 
Looking at the very many confessional statements Evans has made, one would not but wonder if he has a heart at all, Evans case shocked Nigerians more when his wife and children appeared in a video begging  Nigerians to forgive their bread winner, though Evans wife has claimed she has no knowledge her husband is into kidnapping, many Nigerians still doubt this whereas its very possible she was saying the truth and sincerely not aware the kind of man her husband really is.
With this view, today we will be looking at some of the things women generally can watch out for so as to be able to detect if their husband is a kidnapper, things that will also help you to know your husband better.

9 Ways To Know If You Are Married To A Kidnapper
1. Does he have too many phones?
Though it’s not a crime nor bad thing two have two phones in Nigeria due to bad network but when you see a man with more than four phones and is not like he’ the governor of a state, then there is cause for alarm because with all that we’ve learnt from Evans case, it would only take a man who is involved in a dubious business to be using too many phones at the same time.
2. His phones are always switched off
Another sign that will help you detect if your husband is a kidnapper or involved in any dubious act is when you notice that some of his phones are always switched off whenever he is at home just like Evans revealed. This should signal to you that he is using those phones to call the family of the victims whenever he wants to negotiate a ransom with them after which he switches the phone off to make it difficult for law enforcement agents to track him.
3. If he has too many sim cards
If your husband is not a sim card seller nor an agent of any Telecommunication service provider, then you should be concerned  with what he is doing with many sim cards of different networks, because just like Evans, your husband too may be using different sim cards for family members of his kidnapped victims, so don’t be deceived as we now know it takes a kidnapper to have a such number of sim cards..
4. He hardly receive phone calls in your presence
When your husband always go outside, to the next street or doesn’t make calls nor receive calls in your presence, then you need to be suspicious what kind of business he is really into.
5. Is he always on phone with strange people?
Through your husband’s phone conversations, you should be able to deduce the kind of business he is into. If he is always on phone with strangers talking about money or using coded language, that should give you a signal that he might also be dealing in kidnapping business.
6. He uses a satellite phones
Satellite phones are very expensive and they are made for security operatives and government officials like presidents, governors, service chiefs and ambassadors. So if your husband does not belong to any of the mentioned category and he’s using a satellite phone like Thuraya, then this is a very strong indication that he is a kidnapper.
7. He keeps lot of cash at home instead of saving it in the bank
When your husband turns his house to a bank where he keeps a huge sum of money running into millions in local and foreign currency, you need no soothsayer to tell you that your husband is into kidnapping or armed robbery.

‘If Forgiven, I Will Be Anti-Kidnapping Ambassador’ – Evans 

8. You don’t even know what he does for a living
Like Evans when your husband is too secretive about his means of livelihood, then you really need to worry so that you wont have to face the doom of public disgrace with him.
9. You don’t know his office, store or workshop
If you don’t know your husband’s office, shop or workshop and anytime you make a move to know it, he keeps giving you excuses, then you should know that you have housed a kidnapping, drug baron or armed robbery syndicate. Hence it’s mandatory for you to know what your husband does for a living and the location of his office or business.
Article originally written by Oba Samuel
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