Considering that most ladies don’t like to be queried because they often like to paint a perfect picture of themselves, today we will be looking some of the questions women generally don’t say “Yes” to, questions they term as “Jamb Questions”

6 Questions Women Will Not Say YES To

1. Are you a Virgin?
Most ladies don’t like to be asked this question at all has they take it as an offensive question to as them, because they see it as prying into their private life of which its just a simple question with a simple yes or no answer. Are you a Virgin, Yes or No?

2. Can you Marry a Man like your father?
This is a question many girls won’t hesitate to say NO to. A survey was carried out on that question; 80% of the girls said they can never marry a man like their father. Some stated reasons claiming that their father is an alcoholic, too strict, polygamist, poor, maltreated their mother, died early etc. Those that tend to agree to marrying someone like their father said so because of their father’s lavish spending but still had some few exceptions like his pot belly and other flaws.

3. Can you marry a broke or poor man?
If you ask any Nigerian girl this question, she will give you a frowned face that will make you think you cursed her by asking such a question. That expression of hers is louder than the word NO. No girl wants to marry a poor man, most want to be a slayqueen on Instagram and spend vacation in Dubai often.

4. Can you allow your mother in-law to live with you and your husband?

Some people believe women hardly love for each other genuinely and that’s why people say women are their own worst enemy. Women detest it to hear that their mother in-law is visiting for just a day. Now imagine how such a lady will feel when her husband tells her his mother is coming to stay with them permanently. Hell will almost break lose on the spot. If she doesn’t vocally say NO, her body language will. And what will be her reason? She doesn’t want another female under their roof, be it his mother or sister, except their daughter.

5. Can you allow your best friend date your recent Ex?
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No way! That’s the response you will get when such question is pushed to them. You might think the reason why a girl doesn’t want her friend to date her Ex is simply because the guy is a wretched and a good for nothing person, but no. No matter how useless the guy is, a lady is most likely going to react to her friend attempting to date him almost in the same manner she would react if her friend is making a move on the guy while she’s still dating him. The idea is ‘we can’t be friends if you want to have what I’m having or what I’ve had’.

6. Can you give a man money?
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God bless all the beautiful ladies who render help to guys financially. The sad thing is that they are few. Many ladies see it as an unforgivable sin to give a man money. You might think it’s only their boyfriends that suffer as a result of this ideology, but wait till you know how neglected their fathers are in their hands.

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