Hushpuppi, not less than five times, has continued to prove he’s the richest IG Baller since his fight with Phyno. Recall we reported when the Malaysia- based Nigerian rich boy shamed the musician for allegedly wearing fake Patek wristwatches.
Well, that fall out has not changed his flashy lifestyle. To start with, he exhibited his $300, 000 Petek Philipe Diamond Watch which he described as “too much sauce“:
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Secondly, he was at Louis Vuitton Dubai Fragrance Store, praising one of his favourite brands- Louis Vuitton.
Third, the philanthropist showed off his jet lifestyle. I agree, getting enough money to be able to afford a bottle of champagne on a private jet is a ‘Monday Morning Motivation’, if I ever needed one.

Fourth, he shows where he’s rocking All Things Guccci (and Channel), showing appreciation to his fans who support him through the good and troubling times, and even his haters who are the reason he never stops getting money:
I'm specially taking today out to appreciate everyone of you great people out there that have met me in person from all over the world in the places I have been and showed me massive love over this internet fake hatred, a lot of you took courage to say hi to me, take pictures with me and offered me drinks or take my bills and so many more in different locations all over the world. It's amazing to experience such amazing side of humans expressing love to one another sharing laughters, hugs and even as small as handshakes. Believe me, a lot of you told me you like what I do, you like how I brought myself and my family from nothing to something, how I believe in myself and how I changed the game and taught niggas how not to be lame asses when they get that money, taught them to take trips, wear on some good clothes not just drink champagne, smoke weed n gossip and at the same time some of y'all gave me advices to be careful and all that, I want you all to know I put every word you say to me into consideration and I never forget them and I really appreciate y'all who's been supporting me through good n trouble times that I haven't had the chance to meet and I promise you all it would be a wonderful experience when we cross path, never feel shy to say hi if you see me around. Most importantly I want to thank you hating ass punks, you part of the reason I never stop getting the money, I love you guys too. Yours igbalodely, Hushpuppi aka Aja Puppi aka Aja 4
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Again, the controversial Malaysian-base Nigerian, while posing in a designer store on Thursday (today), dished out a piece of advise on ‘Making it Big’ in life.
“If you want to have money in life, don’t laugh to jokes about rich people made by people who don’t have money; you will all end up a joke,” Hushpuppi advised.
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