Episode 19

... Then I knew the end of a 48hours relationship was close and it was ending in a really bad way since I was losing both sisters on same day and at the same time. How on earth could I have refused accepting the apologies from Jennifer?
I realised that I have really messed up. I spoilt her mood and allowed her drop her phone for Jessica to have had a hold of it. I decided that if Jennifer confronted me about the chat I had with her sister, I was going to start crying immediately saying it was a set up and I was ready to explain (I was still lost in my thoughts) when Jessica sent another message.
Jessica :::Emmy are you there? Emmy you don't want to know how you have just broken my heart? Is that how much I matter to you? 
EMMA ::Baby, you also hurt me with your statements, and come to think of it, how can you believe all you see, what nonsense! What if it was a set up? As I was about typing (So having an affair with your sister is what hurts you?) when suddenly she sent another message.
Jessica ::: I am sorry Emmy. Its just that I saw pictures; nude ones she took at your place, your bathroom and on your bed. 
Emma :: Come on baby. Those are nothing. I'm sorry okay. The day both of you slept at my place, she took her bath before Bar stepped in. I mean that day we had a wonderful time in your car. 

"I really wish for more of those days again. I really love you". I added. 
Jessica ::Emmy, I love you more, sorry if I hurt you, I can never ever forget that day in my car, it was epic and remember that moments shared together by people in love are the memories that keeps growing and glowing when they are apart.
Jessica and I further had more romantic chats and had a wonderful time on the phone, then she took permission to answer her mom's call. Immediately I called her sister.
Jennifer was so happy I called and told me she was feeling bad and just wanted to be around me. I quickly arranged for a meeting with her that evening. The reason was simple. I wanted to use the opportunity to delete all our chats to avoid a "Clash of the Titans" from both sisters. 
We agreed it was going to be at KFC Polo Park by 8pm. I got there swiftly with the speed of light and then"The next bombshell fell"...

FLASH BACK.............
"Everyday they say is for the thief but one day is for the owner of the house". 
They waited patiently and allowed James and Grace to have more time together. After sometime no noise was coming from the rest room and finally the door opened.
James saw the men standing and with a smile he greeted good evening, they all replied evening, and asked him who was in the rest room with him, he said no one, they never believed, allowed him come out, looked inside and never found anyone there, but the window of the rest room was open. 
The suspicious look on their faces made him uncomfortable and they all kept a Stern look then finally they allowed him, he walked into the main house, ate and greeted good night and left.

Grace' father, was specifically and specially blessed with flogging abilities so as soon as James left, in front of everyone like a conference they asked Grace where she had been. Grace didn't know they had searched for her everywhere in the house, she made a great mistake by saying she has been in her room. her uncle replied you were not there, I searched your room and.. 
"I was in the toilet in my room" cutting her uncle short.
He shook his head and said "you were not there. I searched both your room and the toilet". Grace raised her voice. "I was in the toilet I am telling you the truth". Her other uncle smiled and asked, "did you see the money for diesel we left in your room on your bed? 
"Yes", she replied. "As soon as I left the toilet I took the money".That was the response from her, that broke the camel's back"' 

Her dad stood up angrily and gave her a slap that reformatted her thinking as she went down crying. He got his horsewhip and descended on her, yelling I must kill you today. At 17, you are already leading the school of lies.
Grace knew her fate would be brutal if she allowed her dad to flog her so she screamed "Daddy please don't kill me. I will say the truth, I was not in my room, I was with...

Current day.......... 
"" The next bombshell fell " I never knew Jessica was at KFC, when I looked up and saw the face of the identical twin, walked up to the person only to discover it was Jessica, I used the birth mark to differentiate them. 
Emma ::Bae what are you doing here? 
Jessica ::With a smile she responded, my mom asked me to get her chicken meat, so who is the girl you are here to see? 

Emma ::(At this point my player antenna was already with full signal) I said to her, I just wanted to look around was bored at home since you were not there. 
Jessica ::She smiled and said "Emmy, don't miss me much. I would be with you through out tomorrow evening when you are back from the hospital. Mom would leave in the morning after the Vigil".
I smiled and agreed. Then my phone rang, it was Jennifer calling.
"A friend is calling", I told Jessica. 
She said "So you won't wait and see me off? I replied baby this should be an emergency OK? love you bye bye 
I rushed out to see Jennifer, immediately I saw her, she wanted us to go in. I refused and told her I had changed the venue to Otigba gardens.

She looked at me and replied, "I would have loved to go to Otigba gardens but I'm too tired. Let's stay right here in my car instead.
My sixth sense never alerted me, that she could have come here with her sister. I accepted, we were in the car back to our old style.

The car was parked in a dark corner. Jennifer started touching me all over again and I forgot my purpose was for the phone. Man! That girl was just so good at turning a gentleman on. She could seduce a holy brother. We were moving fast when suddenly the front door opened. 
"What! Who did that?" Jennifer asked. That should be Jessica and finally the worst....
To be continued soon. Read and share with friends. Edited By: Aja Gifty-Comfort


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