Episode 17

That was the beginning of the RIP MY TRUE LOVE. Eventually,Jessica had a call and stepped out to take it and returned with a frowned face. I cared less because both sisters were already having issues about who would go and welcome their mother. 
Jennifer ::Jessica, I have to go home now, so mum won't be waiting OK? 
Jessica : OK. Please tell mummy I would be back soon, want to see a friend briefly before returning home. 

Jennifer :: OK twinny, I would leave with the car, Jessica replied that there was no problem about that. 
Jennifer said, 'EMMANUEL please come see me off am your guest' . With a smile I stood up, leaving Bar and Jessica in the room and I walked her to the car. When we got to the car, she said, please I would be spending the night here, I just want to have a complete grip and feel of you, I wanna be free to express the pleasure that comes with Your....I had to cut her by telling her it wasn't a problem (then suddenly I remembered Jessica had already made me promise she would be with me for the night.. What!!! This my mouth am in a big shit). She finally entered the car, and with a smile that could melt mount Everest, she said see you soon, My baby boy.. I smiled and blew a kiss into the air facing her. 

Opening my door I saw Bar jumping up and he said 'guy, I have to start going now, so I will allow you two love birds reason well' (Jennifer never knew Bar would leave, she felt He was gonna stay, while Jessica was so happy, I never knew why, probably she bribed Bar to leave). I said to him guy no shit, keep your phone close, I could call at anytime OK? He responded UDO and left, I walked him to the door (am I mad to get to the gate?) locked the door behind him, as I turned, Jessica was already....

FLASH BACK.............. 
The next Bombshell fell, when Grace told me,Emma can this thing really work between us? I am not free being with you, but with him I could be discussing even in front of my dad(Then I knew I was in for a show) We eventually broke up that day in our minds. I placed tabs on her, that was how she kept on disappearing and reappearing with James, it went on and on, I never had a close Romantic contact with her, her dad saw me as a Devil, enemy of the family and as the spoilt child. I accepted those facts, I heard stories of how my beloved Grace, became a rotational babe, and nothing irritates me as much as infidelity in a relationship, it kills my love or emotions for the person involved. GRACE was now a toy in the hands of James, even in her father's house, things were happening. 
Recently, Grace said to me, I miss you, I only smiled. she later called and we spoke for over an hour, she said she regrets some things of the past, I quote ""My father's trust for people and him not wanting to listen to us his children has dealt a big blow on our face"". My Sweetheart Grace was being abused, and she could not tell a soul, it continued over and over, until the meal became sour... But it was already too late. 

I remember one of those days, I went to see her after church, I stood at a dark corner, called her name, she looked but never came, little did I know that the men resting beside the dark corner were her uncles and her dad. As she just left,He her dad, followed her straight inside, when I saw the man, I ran faster than USAIN BOLT. The following day in church, her mum called me, and warned me sternly finally advising I should see her as my sister and stop disturbing her, little did they know people were dealing with Grace in the name of sister and brother in the lord. One fateful day something happened that changed the game..

Current day......... 
Jessica was already naked, without a waste of time was already holding me, things happened that day over and over, then finally she said it's almost time to go, my mother would be really waiting for me. She went into the bathroom to take her bath again, and she said Emmy please come scrub my back (I was happy to do it, because I really loved Jessica and won't want to joke with her). After about 3hours together we were ready to go, I walked her to the bus stop, we got talking and walking the distance to otigba where finally she flagged down a keke,"Golf estate" they negotiated she paid and off my love went... 

I got a message notification I checked it was her""a message from her saying 'Emmy already missing you, wish I could have you for keeps you are sososo sweet "" I replied' same her love'. Still holding my phone another notification, I opened it guess who? Well it was Jennifer "" HI Baby boy, Mama misses you like kilode.. Just stepped out of the house on express permission from mum, she says we have a prayer meeting this night so none of us would sleep out, so am on my way to your place... See you soon, I really need overdose "" I replied hmmmmmm no problem. Moments later, I was home, and I was calmly lying on my bed, when she arrived... I never knew that Jessica saw her drive past her on her way to my place.. And asked the keke guy to make a turn and follow her. How on earth would I have known? Bad thing is sweet and kills too... Soon after she stepped in, we spoke a while and....

To be continued soon. Read and share with friends. Edited By: Aja Gifty-Comfort


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