Episode 16
... After about 10minutes of no talking, EEDC did what they apparently know how to do best(they interrupted the power supply) and then it all started. I initially pretended to be asleep, I could hear Bar snoring very loudly, and so loud as to pull down my roof. 
The bed was high, and someone lying on it could not easily see who was on the floor not to talk of Jessica who was lying behind Bar. I knew she was very uncomfortable and irritated, she kept on making uncomfortable sound, her major problem was simple, Emmy is not with me why? Well, I was calm,and was lying behind Jennifer, with her back towards me. 
At about 5am, Jessica was asleep,I was also asleep, I have never been a deep sleeper, then suddenly, I noticed movements of someone's hand on my chest, playing with my G-spot, I was enjoying it, truth be told , so I was calm, then the movements went far, down to propeller, that was when I reacted by opening my eyes, Jennifer held my lips, turned towards the opposite direction and she did the insertion herself. After about 15 minutes, with some creaking sounds,the deed was done, thanks to BAR snoring.. 

So Jessica could not hear a thing, we were back from treasure Island and she held me tight and said in a low tone, I love you and am gonna quit my guy for you, she was still holding me when suddenly,EEDC restored power again, I shouted, Blood of zechariah, seems like the guy on duty is the P. A to the Devil on bad things and playing of two sisters,immediately the room started cooling again while I slept off and Jennifer still holding me tight slept also. It was 9am and i was still asleep, only for me to hear my name, from the voice that's special, the lady I love, She called Emmy it's morning get up! Jennifer if you still wanna sleep come on the bed am awake now..

FLASH BACK.............. 
... stepped in and that was the beginning of the end.. GRACE has always been a supportive Bae, she really spent on me, and I did on her a few times, she was boxed up due to the fact that she was always exposed to cash. She bought me things I can't start listing now, she made this saying a reality to me "" what a man can do, a woman would do better ". She changed my orientation about guys always being the ones to spend on girls, she made me find it difficult to always be on the spending side when it comes to the opposite sex. We were so cool together and that relationship was pure, without sex, and rarely, I mean rarely did we kiss or even caress. To her dad, I was the bad boy, the one who wanted to spoil Grace from a tender age. I dared not visit their home, who was I to try that? All these richich men,always have visitors around, people always trying to familiarize, people always on the begging side etc. The way we were trained in our home we never gave a damn about people who are wealthy and without attitude, we were taught to be satisfied with the little we had. 

This was the major problem, people visited his house with eyes on his daughter, and he never knew. It all started when I was with Grace one evening in church and I left to take care of an assignment given to me by the same James son of a clergy, already in University then. We came around for the holiday, I returned and never saw my Grace again, looked around still my Sweetheart was no where to be found. Later on, she surfaced from nowhere, we got talking and I asked her where she had been. She replied that she was in Joel's room, she never knew I was there. She lied I kept calm, and few seconds later, James was out again... As a smart chap I said nothing again. I finally came to terms that she was having something with James. Weeks later I threw the question again, and this time the truth was said, her lies were not consistent, she told me how James took her in and tried having a carnal knowledge of her but she refused, and he said to her, Is it because of Emma? he's just an O'LEVEL holder am in the University, you are supposed to be dating someone in the higher institution, you are a big babe and there is no how you could freely move with Emma publicly, your dad would kill you, she told me all these while she was crying.. The next Bombshell fell when she told me...

Current day......... 
... still wanna sleep come on the bed am awake now.. Jennifer sluggishly left me, and climbed to the bed, while Jessica now gave me a piercing look, it was then then I knew I was in a deeper shit.. 
Bar::Guys good morning, what are we having for breakfast? 
Jennifer ::Indomie and eggs, must be prepared by Emma 
Jessica ::I would prefer we eat out or Bread and tea, I bought Roban Bread, two loaves 
Emma ::I was just calm, never contributed a word, when they asked me again what do you think? 

I replied majority should carry the vote, am not selective OK? 
Finally we all had breakfast, tea and Bread, Freshened up and started seeing a movie (Bar suggested it) "" LOVE DON'T COST A THING "".We had fun, then at about 1pm,Jennifer's phone rang, I cared less as she stepped out to answer her call. Immediately, Jessica said to me why don't you say you are traveling so we could go Lodge today and come back tomorrow moro? I replied, am expecting my brother from school, she said keep the key somewhere for him, I said to her OK I agree. Finally Jennifer walked in, told Jessica that their mother would be landing within the hour from Abuja, so they had to go home immediately. Jessica replied, OK tell mom am going out with a friend would be back before nightfall. It was then I knew plans had changed already. Now it was time to go, Jennifer said I have an appointment too, so what do we do? All these excuse was just for them to be with me alone. I was calm and the problem was who was going to leave first? Guess what happened that shocked me? That was the beginning of the RIP MY TRUE LOVE

To be continued soon. Read and share with friends. Edited By: Aja Gifty-Comfort


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