Episode 15
"letting the cat out of the bag" when suddenly, the security light in the compound came on. It was as though we were been monitored. Actually we were not. The security man was switching on the light just as he always did.
As I was about leaving Jessica, so as to maintain sanity and respect, she said to me, "This can't happen again". No! Not again, in one day. I noticed she was on bum short and it looked as if she had nothing under. I discovered that, she had a G-string on). She didn't know I was in a bigger mess than she was in. To have climbed mount Everest three times in the same day with same sisters was like playing with fire and dinning with the Devil.
Ordinarily I would have left the car but that day, I didn't. Till today, I am yet to understand what kept me inside that car. It was probably her bum short, G-string and free flowing top. But something in me told me it was love; love at first sight. Love like no other. I was about to move the car when she immediately pounced on me hungrily. She took the driving position and all I could remember after that were my hands doing some browsing and surfing of the Internet just like Ben Carson's 'Gifted Hands'. She inserted the mighty propeller(Big cassava according to Tekno) ,and drove on until we were both lost in 'Treasure and pleasure Island'. Soft music was playing from the car's stereo.
In about 10minutes, we were back from our trip to Pleasure island..

Jessica leaned close to my ears and whispered with a very soft voice that caressed my skin, "Emmy I love you. Please don't ever hurt me. It would kill me". 
 I replied, "J-Bae, you are special to me. Truly, what I feel for you is special and different and I can't imagine life without that feeling and without you. J-Bae where have you been all these while? All my life?"

Jessica ::"Where's Jennifer?"
Me: "She's inside with my friend"
Jessica: Okay! Can we go on now? 
We both stepped out of the car and walked into my apartment. Halfway into my apartment, Jessica said to me "Emmy, why don't we go and Lodge for the night?.. I will foot the bills. She chipped in. 
"No J-Bae". I replied. "It's not proper. I can't have guests at my place and sleep outside OK? Don't worry we would sleep together on the floor".
Jessica's mood changed immediately. "I just want to be with you. Please, what happened inside the car? Hmmmmmm your ex made a mistake to have left. You are so blessed, I really wanna stay with you alone tonight. Please! She pleaded.
I gave her a warm hug and assured her hat I'd make sure we spent time together tomorrow. "okay" She calmly replied. Okay!
Quietly, we opened the door. Guess what we saw!

FLASH BACK.............. 
"So Emma, what do you have to say? 
I replied swiftly "I want to tell her I love her too but I am just scared. Salomi became our mediator and made sure there was a communication between Grace and I. She arranged our first meeting at a friend's place tho. I could not take her to my house. We had a good time together. We talked about alot, played romantically more, played dangerous play (Romance) but never compromised the standard, because she was still a Virgin just like me.

Our love affair had another challenge when her dad got to know we were still seeing each other, Grace was more matured now, and could lie for Africa just to preserve our relationship. I was just 19years old while she was 17. We were through with O' LEVEL and it was time for JAMB hustle.
I realised that what I I felt for her was pure love. The me now wouldn't have looked her way from the beginning by my standard,she didn't fit the kind of woman I searched for. She lacked the features I sought for in a woman (don't ask me what).

One faithful day, her dad, (a wealthy man, plays away match like mad then) had another issue with us. This time around, he threatened to lock me up. A crowd gathered and pleaded with him to forgive me (MAN HAS TO MAKE MONEY I SWEAR DOWN). I was not at fault. Grace came to talk to me after church and this man started acting up and shouting," Imagine a hunter, fighting another hunter". Eventually, nothing happened.

Grace met me later and suggested we left Nigeria for Ghana. At first, the idea seemed like a great one since she was to bring in the bulk of the cash needed for the journey, that is, 300,000 Naira (which was a mightily large sum in 2007), but I discussed this with my friend Ernest and he discouraged me. Ernest said Ghana was a very dangerous place.
We continued playing our hide and seek love, enjoying every bit of it. This game continued until a pastor's son stepped in. That marked the beginning of the end of our heavenly game.

Current day.......... 
Guess what we saw? Well.. spoilt mind relax. It's not what you are thinking. We saw Jennifer happily playing the game of 'WHOT' with Bar. A wave of jealousy ran through my bones. It felt like sudden hatred towards Bar developed in me immediately. I felt Bar had played a smart one on me again..
Jessica ::Hey twiny! 
Jennifer ::Best sister ever, how are you? I knew you would be bored at home. Its good you came around. Come here let your elder sister pet you joor. 
We all laughed and played the game together. I was winning. Each time I won the finals, Jessica would shout, "That's my Baby". Jennifer would reply, "He's my Jewel". This continued for a while until I became uncomfortable with the happenings. it was obvious that each time Bar won, none of them was excited whereas I clapped when any of them won.

Finally, Bar asked if we could all go to sleep. The night had been fun but it was already 4am. Now the major problem (where do I sleep? Who do I sleep with?) Bar understood my predicament so he quickly said "Jessica, let's sleep on the Bed tonight. You are my Sweetheart for the night. Jennifer has broken my heart by not supporting me as we played Whot". Jessica reluctantly agreed and was inside while Bar lying out on the bed, we were given the bigger Bed spread to use because tbe floor was cold. I got a whatsapp message notification. I opened it and discovered it was from Jessica. The message read " Emmy, I am not comfortable. I wanna be with you and I really wanna curdle you as we sleep. Please don't say no so I won't be jealous".
Jennifer saw me fiddling with my phone so She grabbed hers and sent me a text message "Jewel please, when they are asleep you have to make it up to me, for what happened initially today. please! Please!! Please!!! Kisses".

I read both messages and decided not to reply so I just switched off my phone while continually shouting "Holy Crap, my battery is flat". I got up immediately and connected the phone to the mains so it could chargie. When I was done, I went back to my sleeping position. After about 10minutes of no talking, EEDC, did what they are good at doing (they interrupted the power supply) and it all....


To be continued soon. Read and share with friends. Edited By: Aja Gifty-Comfort


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