Episode 14 

I heard a knock on the door, initially I ignored it just to make sure I finished what I had started, and as soon as I was about to get to the peak, the knock came again and this time very loud. Jennifer said to me, “Emma, can you just ignored this disturbance?” “I really need you now.” You can't get me to this point and leave me high on this cliff.” I felt for her. Little did she know that, if she's on the peak of Zuma rock I was on that of Mount Everest. As I rapidly tried to penetrate, the knock came again with a voice saying “Oga Emma you have a visitor waiting for you”. That was when I realized, I had been playing with fire. I just knew it was Jessica and I said to myself, “Emmanuel, you are finished”. I overcame the temptation and left Jennifer on the bed. As I headed towards the door, she stood up and said to me, “Emma please just finish this, even if it's for one minute”. I asked her to hold on as we would continue as soon as I knew who the visitor was. 

I told her, you can't be naked please put on my boxers and Polo top OK? I would be right back. 
When I opened the door, guess who was standing there? Our security man! I asked him who my visitor was. A guy, he replied. I took my phone and with only my boxers on, I headed to the gate. When I got there, I saw the precious gift I had been looking for, no other person but Bar. 
BAR: “Guy how far I left my iPhone 7+ in your room, it's on silent so I came to get it, I would soon be out of here”.
Emma: Bar, for the first time you are about to do something good for me. You are going nowhere, am in deep shit now. Jennifer, Jessica’s twin is in my room and Jessica will be here any moment from now. She wants to spend the night here too, so guy please, you have to sleep here to help salvage the situation OK? 

OK, Bar replied “but Jessica just left now, why she wan spoil runs?” “Guy make sure you handle them wella” (that word from Bar awakened the consciousness of the player in me). 
Immediately, we headed to the room. On getting there, Jennifer was lying on the bed, dressed up in my boxers and Polo, facing the wall. Then, I knew she was very angry with me and did not want to talk to me, but luckily for me, she greeted Bar and never said a word again. 

FLASH BACK.............. 
I was scared he would hit me that pestle from behind as I walked into my room. Finally, I was in my room and when it was time to sleep I did so fearfully, only to wake up at about 8am. There was no going out because we were on a long vacation, so I spent most of my time indoors, thinking about all that had happened, but eventually I had to live with my cross. We continued like this for about two months. I was made a laughing stock by Grace brother in church, I said nothing, I reacted not. When the long vacation was over, I resumed school. Grace and I, were not in talking terms and for weeks it remained like that not until one faithful day, we resurrected our LOVE. I was on my way back from school, walking with friends and having a nice time because, (the issue of love as I was concerned of was over). 

As God would have it, I got talking with friends and they raised an issue of "girlfriend /guys" talk. Five minutes into the discussion, I saw a lady carrying a gallon on her head. As I was about to pass by, I noticed it was Grace. I smiled and said "Hi", she reciprocated and said “good afternoon”, and we passed with no more words from both of us. Days later, a girl, Salomi called me after the church service asking to speak with me. No problem, I replied. She said “Emma, Grace sent me to tell you that she loves you and has always done but she's scared of being seen around you because of gossips”. I was speechless and she asked, “so Emma, what do you have to say”?

Current day..........
...........and never said a word again. I saw the phone by the side of my bed. Little wonder I called all these while and Bar did not answer his calls. Logically, I stepped to call, Jessica. “Baby where are you”? “Am in your street”, she replied. “OK, my friend just came around and guess what? Your sister too just came in now. She said she wanted to check on me as promised and be sure I am doing fine”. Jessica replied with a low tone “that is good I would see you now”. Immediately, I rushed in to tell Jennifer, “I have a surprise for you”. What is the surprise? She asked. 

Your sister just called saying she is bored at home so I asked her to come over. She should soon be here. “This is going to be a full house, we are going to play games and have fun till morning”. She smiled and said OK. My phone rang again, it was Jessica, I went straight to the gate to bring her in, When she parked, she refused to step out so I went in to meet her, while Bar was in the room with Jennifer, Jessica immediately pounced on me and we started another round of hot romance, while she lowered her seat, in fact, I felt emotional with her in the act but felt lost with Jennifer, little did I know this romance was about"" letting the cat out of the basket "" when suddenly...


To be continued soon. Read and share with friends. Edited By: Aja Gifty-Comfort


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