Episode 13

"I am coming over to spend the night with you. See you soon dear". Initially I was confused and never knew what to reply but suddenly, I asked "where are you coming to? My gate is already locked" (all these questions were just to discourage her and settle down with Jennifer at least for one night, paying back for the fact she referred to me as a guy who missed his way, the previous day at outside shop rite).
Jessica replied, "Emmy (that word melted my heart immediately), I know you are very angry and mad at me. Like I said am sorry. When we see I will explain and I am gonna make it up to you any how you wish.
I was lost in my thoughts just like the children of Israel were lost in the wilderness, I asked myself: "what shit are you getting yourself into? Do you understand the implications of this? If Jessica eventually sees Jennifer in your room, what explanation do you have to give?"

Finally as I was about stepping out to call her and lie to her that I left angrily when she left, and that I was now at a friend's place and I won't be sleeping at home that night. I wanted to make sure I had a good time with Jennifer. I was only living up to the saying 'A bird at hand is worth more than a thousand in the bush.
As I tried to open the door my restroom (my restroom is close to the exit door) I noticed that the bathroom door was opening. Jennifer was done having her bath, she was on my towel. I looked into the bathroom only to notice her underwear were hung on the line in my bathroom... BLOOD OF ZECHARIAH, what I saw tripped me, I was not just lost in my thoughts, this time around I started living in my thoughts. The saying that the best form of life lived, is lived in the mind rang in my head.

With a wet smile, Jennifer asked mewhat the problem was. I was lost for words so I said nothing. She asked where I was going to. "Nowhere at all", I replied.
She was perplexed because of my deep stare. "Why are you looking at me that way?" She inquired.
My dirty mouth suddenly began to talk without my approval. "I have never ever seen anything like this before, Jennifer", my mouth confessed. "You are carefully and wonderfully made". 
She smiled and said, "that's what my boo enjoys yet he has no time for me, hope you would be different? I promise to make you always happy".

FLASH BACK.............. 
Immediately he saw me, he walked and said, "Your dad must hear this".. 
"MY DAD??? JESUS SAVE ME".Then I knew, it was the beginning of my end. The young men who came with Grace's dad chased me, but as a fast footballer, I ran like cheetah, until I heard my Reverend shout, "Emma my son come back here"!! I fearfully walked back to him, and all eyes were on me.
Finally, the issue was resolved and her dad warned me not to ever come close to his daughter, saying he would kill me next time (all these rich men and bragging). I was escorted home by Peace, when I got home, my dad was awake around 1:30am, patiently waiting for me, by his side was a pestle(that stuff used with mortar to pound). I just knew my uncle had said the nonsense in his mouth..

Without explanation, my dad said to me "EJIMCHIMABA, eat your food and come here to meet me". I knew I was about eating my last supper, because that has always been the tradition in my home, so my punishment would be either death by pestle or 3days deliverance with Mountain of fire and I miracles as my dad was a committed member there before. 
I finished eating, then my mother was awake already. Chai! Because I knew my mother's ability to add fuel to the fire In issues like this one, I concluded I was dead.

I came into the living room with my shoulders quaking as though suffering from a cold. 
To my utmost surprise, my dad asked me, "EJIMCHIMABA my son, what happened? 
I said within me, could this be a death sentence question? I summoned courage, answered him and told him that Grace' father addressed me as a bastard.
My father was mortified. WHAT!!! what nonsense? He screamed. And the Rev allowed him? How much does he have?

Mum ::I don't blame him, I blame you. Can you imagine? He should be happy my tall, handsome, straight legs, intelligent and a public speaker son came for his daughter nonsense!!
Me ::God what's happening here, I said within me, are these my real parents?
Finally my dad told me addressed me. "Your uncle said you two were caught fornicating. That threw me off balance. No sir! I shouted, Uncle lied ooooo. Daddy I am still a Virgin, I can't lose it till marriage... 
"Go take your bath then sleep", my dad concluded calmly. "Goodnight we talk in the morning".
I could not even fanthom the meaning of the event that had just taken place. I was scared he would hit me that pestle from behind as I walked into my room.

Current day........... 
"I promise to always make you happy", Jennifer continued. Then she looked at me with those sexy eyes that could lead to hell. I was damn "" trapped in the closet "" according to my man R. KELLY.
Now Jessica is on her way, and Jennifer is on my towel and I'm wondering what I have gotten myself into? I smartly told her I would love to take fresh air outside. She laughed and remimded me that the room was cold enough EMMANUEL. I told her my neighbor wanted to see me. She agreed and said I could go but I shouldn't waste time.

As soon as I stepped out, I placed a call to Jessica. "Hey boo", She replied. "Are you missing me already?" I am at Polo Park now. In 5 minutes or 10minutes, I should be with you. Just wait patiently okay?
"Okay", I said. Then I knew I was in for a dining with the Devil. 
I tried calling my man Bar, his phone was ringing, but he was not answering, I wanted him to come to my rescue but all to no avail. Shit! "I am finished' I said,as I walked in like a frustrated human. When I opened the door, Jennifer was standing there. I nearly pushed her down, she just smiled and asked me, "what's the problem? Am I not cute enough? Is it because of my guy? He's not always in town, I could let go of him, am a lady I need attention and am sure of getting that with you. Your manner of approach and composure as we started talking coupled with your good command of English caught my attention".

"Dear you are every sane man's dream, I swear to you. You are very very pretty and attractive, "I...." she held me tight and planted a kiss on my lips). I lost control of myself. Any sane man would lose control too. She was almost naked with just my towel on her.
Suddenly we were on the bed and she said to me, I'm safe. I just finished menstruating for the month. "What!! Holy crap!" I said within me. If this is a trap, it has definitely caught me. As I was about to take off my clothes and savour the moment, I heard a knock on the door.


To be continued soon. Read and share with friends. Edited By: Aja Gifty-Comfort


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