Episode 12

Guess who that was??? Well it was no other person than my friend, who stole my show at shoprite and won Jennifer over i mean Bar, yes Bar... I said within me, what kind of August visitor is this? An uninvited guest, an odd hour visitor. It was about 7:20pm,i was lost in thoughts and confusion, contemplating if I should open the door or not, when suddenly he shouted again, guy E b like say woman they inside your room again! Open this door joor or I go come open your window look inside through your net. 
Suddenly, Jessica adjusted herself and I tried doing same as I walked towards the door. 

Finally, I was at the door, opened it and tried signalling him with my eyes , so he would not come in, but because it was already dark, he pushed be to the side, walked in and immediately sat on the bed when suddenly he heard Good evening... A female voice greeting him, from the end of the foam, he switched on the light and responded, hey pretty how are you? Jessica responded, am fine, Bar :: you almost scared the hell out of me, never knew someone was on the bed. She smiled and said am sorry. 
Furthermore, I was still standing waiting for Bar to tell me why he came to visit me, what an August visitor?? 
Bar::Guy I called you by 4pm, I heard you were admitted in the hospital, a lady answered your call, what happened? 

Emma ::I replied, that must be Jennifer, when suddenly, Jessica replied I did. 
I explained to him all that happened, the mad man fell on the floor and laughed for about 15 minutes, shouting weakness! Weakness!! Weak man!!! 
I cared less of what he was saying, just wanted him to get up and start going, so as to enable myself and Jessica continue what we started, but this guy threw a Bombshell down, when he said,guy am hungry, tell your woman to cook make we chop... I shouted within me What !!! what a bad day?What a black Saturday? 

FLASH BACK.............. 
guess what?? I ran like a horse Whose tail is on fire, the speed at which I ran, made the woman thought I was doing something stupid with her. But of a truth, I was not doing anything, I was only Naive and it was obvious from my reaction. 
That night at 11:20pm,I ran to the church because, I won't dare go home, in case they came looking for me there at home, my dad would just kill me straight. When I got to the church, The Rev and deacon were balancing accounts (that's calculation and balancing of all financial income, cash inflow and out in the church for that month), so that took them late into the night. 

I was hiding outside the church, when suddenly a car drove in with speed, the driver was another member by name Bro Bright (In blessed memory), he was a friend to the family of Grace. Then like a trailer fully loaded about six persons alighted from the Car, Grace, her dad, bro bright, three uncles Whose job were to come beat me up that night. 
Peace, the son of my Rev was actually outside when I arrived initially, so I told him all that has happened, he was mad at me saying why did you run? You would have lied. Eventually, when they arrived, told our Rev about what has just happened, my Rev yelled out, Peace come go call Emma for me, from his father's house. 

Peace replied daddy he's here with me, so I walked in, like a sheep without a Shepherd, and a lamb about to be slain,I was about saying to my Rev nothing happened ohhhhhhh I just escorted her to their place, but before I could talk, her father gave me a stroke of the Cain on my head, and I ran out of the church,only to see my dad's brother looking from the window. Immediately he saw me, he walked saying your dad must hear this...

Current day.......... 
what a bad day? Jessica, immediately stood up went into the kitchen and started cooking, by 8:30pm she was done. I noticed her mood changed, she was just acting up to be normal, but little did she know, I was too smart to be fooled by acts.. By 9pm she said, I wanna start going
Emma ::Blood of zechariah!! what have I done wrong? Bar why? I thought she was gonna sleep over.. Then I asked are you not spending the night here?? 
Jessica :::With a response as fast as a Thunder blast, replied No! What for? I would drive home via Polo Park.. GOD forbid I spend the night here 
Bar ::: opened his dirty mouth to Say that's my direction, if you don't mind, drop me in front of campus 2.. 

Finally, I walked both out. Jessica finally dropped Bar, I called to know where she was, she replied she was home and would be spending the night alone since mum and dad are not in town, and Jennifer was not returning home that night, she just called and told her. Jessica said Emmy come on whatshap let's chat.
Emma::Immediately I was on whatshap, she said so we are many? Bar Said as he was knocking and I quote "" Open this door, E b like say woman they inside again "" meaning, many ladies are always inside. I tried replying her chats, trying to prove my innocence, she only said you are not real, go to hell... She never replied my chats again, I tried begging, called and she never answered.... I threw in the towel, saying my friend Bar has blew this one up for me.
It was 10:20pm,my phone rang,guess who it was??? Jennifer, the twin of Jessica.. 
Emma ::Hello how are you? 

Jennifer :::HI, am fidelity I keep my word.. I promised to see you today, come to your gate it's locked, I wanna see you and spend the night at your place. 
Emma ::What!! Blood of zechariah I shouted within, me, I was thinking how come? this girl wanna tempt me? Or is it a trap from her sister? I love her sister, and I am not in a good mood now I have offended her..then suddenly I replied, in a moment I would be with you.

I eventually got to the gate, there she was, with a hug and a smile we greeted and walked in while the car that brought her drove off, Then the security man locked the gate again... When we finally got to my room she, said I wanna take my bath immediately, am really tipsy, took some bottles of Alcohol, as she walked into the bathroom,I checked my chats, saw a message from Jessica, I quickly opened to read the chat see what I saw""""Hey Emmy am really losing it for you, sorry how I acted this evening, your calmness, humor and determination is killing me here,you are so so so Romantic, I regret leaving your place am just alone now,with Wishing the romance we had earlier never ended, I am coming over to spend the night with you see you soon dear "" ""


To be continued soon. Read and share with friends. Edited By: Aja Gifty-Comfort


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