The widely accepted school of thought has always been that dietary fat make you physically fat and unhealthy, but that is changing. The only kind of fat that’s definitively bad for you is trans-fat, according to dietitians. Other kinds of fat can be beneficial for your health and as you may find it hard to believe, it even help you lose weight.
The fact is some fatty foods help in increasing the body’s metabolic rate and hence, aid in weight loss. But of course, you can’t just add healthy fats to a junk diet and expect to lose weight. The bottom-line is the overall composition of your diet. Research also shows that eating a wide variety of nutritious foods, including fats, have filling effect on the stomach, hence helps create early satiety and prevent overeating. That will also result in weight loss.
In your effort to control your weight, you can overcome the fear of fat and make use of these fat-rich foods we listed below to get your ideal weight:
1.Coconut oil
Research has shown that simply taking coconut oil can increase your energy metabolism and burn up to 120 extra calories per day. If your goal is reduce your daily caloric intake, you’re better off cooking with coconut oil than an outright cutting out of fats altogether.
2. Nuts
In terms of constituents, nuts are dense in calories. 20 nuts contain about 180 calories. However, scientists believe eating nuts increase the amount of calories you burn at rest and fill your tummy for longer hours that you end up eating fewer calories over all. It’s also been found that the body can’t digest some of the fat calories found in certain nuts like almonds. And when food calories exit the body intact, they’re excluded from the your total daily calorie consumption.
3.Wild salmon
Wild salmon has 32% less calories than the farmed type. It also has higher amount of calcium, Zinc, Potassium, Iron and less Sodium than the farmed salmon. Packed full of omega-3 fats which is just about the best kind of fat you can get.

4. Avocado
Avocado contains a healthy mix of plant fats, fibre, vitamins and is often used in place of conventional butter. Its caloric value is considerably minimal and this has made dietitians are rightfully obsessed with. Research even shows that overweight people who eat half an avocado at lunch feel greater satisfaction up to five hours later.
5. Grass-fed butter
Grass-fed butters are the butters made from grass-fed cows. Popularly called ghee, it contains more omega-3 fats than the conventional type. This is the advantage considering that omega-3s appears to speed up weight loss in conjunction with a reduced calorie diet. It may not be very significant, but in a weight loss program, every little bit counts!
6. Egg yolks
Contrary to popular belief, eggs does not raise LDL (bad) cholesterol or trigger heart disease, according to recent research that compared the effects of low- and high-egg diets. Eggs and the yolks actually promote satiety and reduce overeating.
7. Full-fat cheese
Cheese has often been tagged with containing high amount of fat and calories, however, new studies have suggests that full-fat, milk-based products are quite healthy. Some studies even show that people who cut back on calories while increasing their intake of full-fat dairy lose weight more quickly than people who only cut back on calories. And again, further scientific reviews of existing research suggest that people who include high-fat dairy foods in their diets are less likely to be overweight and obese.
It has also been found that people who eat upward of five servings a week have less body fat, lower BMIs, and lower blood pressure than people who steer clear of dairy altogether. Although more research is needed to understand exactly why, some theories suggest that dairy’s protein boosts satiety and its calcium binds to fatty acids to reduce fat absorption.
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