This is a notion everybody should be clear about, dieting does not come by starving. I have heard about people who literally starve themselves all in the name of wanting to shed some heavy weight. Dieting and weight loss should follow some specific procedures either as prescribed by your fitness trainer or nutrition advisor.

All sugars are been digested and are stored as fats that causes weight gain, keeping logs of foods and junks that you eat will help you detect where you have been taking excessive fat than normal and cases where you have consumed more calories (amount of energy you get in a portion of food) more than what your body actually requires. Weight gain also has to do with human’s genetic make-up, which might be inherited form parents. You can get to calculate your body weight thus: (Body Mass Index)BMI = Weight(kg) Height (m 2 )

When the body accumulates fats as a result of high calorie consumption, most of the other organs must have stored fats before the heart gets to, because there are cases where fats clogs around the heart. And also when loosing fat it is possible to loose fat in some specific area of your body, for example in the upper chest region and not loose belly fat, this may be due to inappropriate fitness exercise you can see a fitness trainer for directions. Weight gain is a gradual process; it does not get visible all of a sudden you accumulate weight with time. It will take some time before someone starts noticing you or you start noticing those changes, starting from the clothes you wear and other stuffs. So also weight loss is a gradual process you don’t just wake up one day and discover that you have lost pounds of weight, it’s not a ten-day or a five-day weight loss process, you need to give it time. 

Be disciplined in your quest for dieting and watch the way you consume calories, the body breaks down available glycogen at the first phase of weight loss after all this is used up, you start feeling hungry when you are able to keep up with this process and there is no more glycogen to break down, that’s when you start losing excess fat and the process of weight loss begins. You need to make sure that energy you get through food must be expelled maybe in your workout process, or daily routine, don’t let your body store excess energy because their end product is excess fat. Low fat diets and also foods containing low fat must be within your reach, don’t get mal-nourished in your quest to lose weight and fasting is also not an ideal way of losing weight also don’t starve yourself. 

Weight loss is a gradual process and meanwhile exercising is not only meant for robust or fat people every other person can also exercise, it is your motive that matters either you want to keep fit or loose weight. HDL (High density Lipoprotein) can be gotten from red wine and it is the beneficial type of cholesterol that is derived from it, the LD which is the harmful cholesterol comes from red meat, egg cholesterol is embedded in the yolk and too much of it is not right for the body, for adults 1 egg in a day is okay, just try and strike a balance in egg intake. I will be giving out some tips on all this in our next post.

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