#12 Women always think they’re in a relationship crisis.
When a woman’s life’s not crackling with romantic and sexual electricity, they always think their relationship sucks. Women say they don’t like vibrating, entertaining sex toys and dildos, but yet they want men to behave like one.

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#13 Women think they’re too good.
Almost all women think they’re too good for their boyfriend. With that kind of logic, it’s easy to stray when a “better guy” comes along to play.

#14 Women cheat for the dumbest reasons.
Men cheat because they find someone sexy. Women cheat for the dumbest of reasons, to prove a point, to get back at her man, to let him know she’s not getting enough attention, to get something they really want and more dumb reasons.

#15 Women have cravings.
That is, chocolates and unavailable traits in men. If her man’s not very clean and tidy, and she meets a coworker who’s a perfectionist when it comes to being clean and tidy, she’ll involuntarily be drawn to that trait. So if a guy wants to lay a girl, all he has to do is show off a trait her boyfriend doesn’t have and she’ll diveboard into his bed.

#16 Women get attracted to any man who makes her feel good.
Men usually have affairs only with women who are sexually attractive. So unless the guy is rich or super charming, his odds are slim to have an affair with the girl of his dreams. But women cheat with any loser who knows to treat her better than her boyfriend.

#17 She’s a gold digger.
There’s no point here. If you’re dating a woman who’s more interested in your money and the fun times you give her than she is in you, you can’t hold on to her unless you strike oil.

#18 Women cheat when they’re emotionally vulnerable.
Men need booze and a sexy girl to cheat. Women just need to feel vulnerable. They’d feel vulnerable for the smallest of reasons and circumstances. And if another guy makes a move at the right time, he’ll be able to sleep with her that very night.

#19 Committed women love getting the attention of other men.
And when they don’t get the attention from a guy they like, they try harder to get a second glance. Why do you think girls go weak for bad boys who treat them like crap?

#20 Women don’t learn from their mistakes.
Women make moves and mistakes, and they regret it. But they don’t learn. They know when they’re crossing the thin red line with another guy, but they just don’t try to put a stop to the guy because “they like the attention”.

#21 Women cheat when they’re unhappy in bed.
Do you have a small weeny? Or are you suffering from impotency or erectile dysfunction? That’s reason enough to cheat on you, don’t you think?

#22 Her man’s charm is wearing off.
If a woman isn’t sexually attracted to her man anymore, she’ll definitely dive head first into any other sexually attractive man’s pants.

#24 Once bitten, never shy.
A woman may cheat and get over it after a heartbreaking while. But a few months later, the drama starts all over again. Women just like the constant rush of falling in and out of love all the time.

#25 Do women really ever want to be happy?
Really, a woman could be in a perfect long term relationship with a perfect guy. But all she has to do is meet another great guy who knows how to steal a girl and she’ll do his bidding in no time. Perhaps, women think they like being happy when in reality, all they want is to experience bursts of happiness and lots of confusions all the time. Well, so why do women cheat so easily? For all these 25 reasons and more. And sometimes, they don’t need a reason at all.

Just ask me, my not-so-steady girlfriend confessed to cheating on me a week ago. She looked into my eyes with her big, beautiful eyes and told me she was sorry and she regretted it. And her reason, well, she doesn’t know why. All she knows is that she’s sorry because she slept with another guy when she’s in love with me. Seriously, kinda makes me wonder if women need a reason at all! Have you ever been cheated on by your woman, what’s her reason? Our readers would love to hear a few more reasons. So why do women cheat so easily in your opinion? By Jake Butler, Lovepanky.

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